How do I fly there?

In order to fly with us at Flaming Geyser State Park, you must first have an AMA Card (Get one Here) and then must obtain a Solo Permit Sticker to place on your card. To get this sticker, you must first study the flying area rules found in the Management Plan and then contact a Solo Evaluation Pilot to take your written and flight test. The written test and flight test is easy, (we need to make sure you can fly safely). When you pass the test, you will be given a sticker for your AMA Card and may post it on the frequency board and fly.

If you do not have your Solo Permit Sticker, but you do have an AMA card, you may ask a pilot who does have their sticker, to stand with you while you fly until you obtain yours.

If you need to renew your Solo Permit Sticker then click on the Solo Permit Application below and print the 2013 Solo Card Renewal form.

* Management Plan Click Here

* Solo Permit Application – Click Here

* By-LawsClick Here

* Proposed Revisions to By-LawsClick Here





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